Window Cleaning Edmond OK

Residential Service

residential-window-cleaning-oklahomaInterior windows & glass
Fingerprints, dust, candle burning, smoke, and cooking all contribute to a layer of film on the inside of windows. This blocks the outside light and makes visibility appear foggy. Whenever the outside glass is cleaned, it’s most effective to have the interior side cleaned as well. Our professionals are always cautious to protect any flooring, carpet or furniture while working inside.

If you are like most homeowners, you do not do windows. That is because streak-free quality window washing often is challenging, dangerous, and time consuming to do. Using ammonia, vinegar, or Windex with paper towels, newspaper or baby diaper include the most typical at-home window cleaning tips. At A Fine Shine, we understand how valuable your time is. Your area A Fine Shine crew is prepared to do the cleaning and scrubbing for you. Using our three-step process of cleaning, a streak-free cleaning is performed for you. No ladders. No steaks. No drips!

Exterior windows
Throughout the seasons dirt build-up occurs on the outside of windows. This obstructs visibility. Direct sunlight can damage glass by baking hard water stains, grime, etc. into the surface. Insects also tend to build nests and on and around the frames.

Our professional window cleaning process removes these common problems and protects the glass for months to come. Severe corrosion may require a chemical treatment. Window screens and tracks are typically cleaned as a part of regular maintenance.

Storm windows
Storm windows are additional panels mounted over the initial glass panes to shield and insulate against bad weather. With most types, the panels can be safely removed and installed again to clean all sides of the glass.