Other Services

Hard to Reach Areas

light-fixture-cleaning-oklahomaChandeliers and light fixtures
High hanging fixtures with small intricate parts need to be cleaned of cobwebs and dust. We specialize in making your fixtures sparkle again.

Ceiling fans
Cleaning the fans protects the its motor and keeps the inside air pure. Regular maintenance will minimize the dust in the home.

Large mirrors
The size and location of large mirrors make them difficult to clean but we love doing it. Our cleaning process will get them streak-free.

Skylights are hard to reach and easy to neglect. We can clean both sides, restoring clarity.


Specialty Services

floor-stripping-oklahomaScreen repair
It’s convenient and affordable. We can repair or replace your window screens.

Window blinds
Dust build up on the blinds is can be difficult to clean. We are able to clean the blinds when your windows are being washed.

Baseboards, woodwork & walls
When having your windows cleaned, why not dust the surrounding areas? We’ll dust and wipe down common problem areas that maid services often overlook.

We can mop and polish wood and most other types of floors.