Carpet Cleaning Bedford TX

Now, I will be upfront with you. Not all stains are removable. But, we have the ability to remove 99 percent of even the worst stains. We will do everything known to expert cleaning to eliminate every stain. The quicker you contact us, the greater the chances of stain removal.

We have performed extensive fabric testing and testing upon various cleaning products. We have determined the most efficient performing and safest carpet cleaning solutions to use on your carpeting. Our cleaning solutions remove the most soil and leave the least residue.

The Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts in Bedford TX

We’ve developed a list of what we perform in our carpet cleaning services. Not all cleaning companies in the Bedford area does all this. As a matter of fact, we might be the only business which does all of this. However, above everything else, we’ll go above and beyond to provide you the best cleaning we can and the best service experience you can imagine.Bedford TX Carpet Cleaner

  • Pre-inspection: We’ll assess your carpeting’s needs, because all carpets have to be treated differently.
  • Move Furniture: As needed we’ll move and replace a few light furniture pieces to their original position.
  • Pre-treatment: We’ll treat stains and spots as needed and apply a cleaning agent to the whole carpet.
  • Cleaning: We’ll provide the usage of our state-of-the-art equipment for a thorough and fast deep cleaning of your carpeting.
  • Post Spotting: All stains or spots that still remain will get additional treatment using our multiple specialty spotting agents.
  • Post-inspection: As the cleaning is done, we’ll re-inspect your carpet along with you to make sure that all of the work was performed to your satisfaction.

What should you do before carpet cleaning:

To get ready for your cleaning it is suggested to pick all loose items up off the floor, thoroughly vacuum, secure your pets, and move all large furniture pieces you’d like to get us to clean under.

What should you do after carpet cleaning:

To reduce drying time, attempt to keep your room temperature at around 72° and utilize fans to circulate air around all cleaned carpet.

For more information on carpet cleaning in Bedford contact A Fine Shine at 817-924-0805